Cleanouts in Fulshear

At Freedom Hauling & Demolition we know that your time, energy and of course money are important to you and that you don’t want to waste any of them by hiring the wrong company. With that in mind we want you to know we can get to your job quickly (Often even on the same day), we show up on time, we work fast and we leave things better than when we came in. We also know bringing strangers into your home or business can be a little scary.  Please know every one of us knows to be polite, friendly, we all wear clean company shirts and pants and most of all not to leave a mess or waste your time. We are by far the friendliest junk cleanout team in the local area.

Estate Cleanouts in Fulshear, Texas
Estate Cleanouts in Fulshear, TX

Give us a call at (281)750-5579 if we can help you with…

• Apartment Cleanouts

• Bereavement Cleanouts

• Commercial Cleanouts

• Estate Cleanouts

• Property Cleanouts

• Hoarding Cleanouts

• Hotel Cleanouts

• Foreclosure Cleanouts

• Basement Cleanouts

• Garage Cleanouts

• Storage Unit Cleanouts

• Office Cleanouts

• Restaurant Cleanouts

• Attic Cleanouts

  Estate Cleanouts in Fulshear

If you are searching for a company to handle an estate or bereavement cleanout first know we are sorry for your loss. We realize the last thing you need to do is to waste time price shopping (Our prices are among the lowest in the area), waiting for a company to show up, or having to wait while things are removed. We promise to show up on time, get in and out as quickly as possible, do our business neatly and politely and make the entire process as easy on you and your family as possible.  Just as importantly, we will make sure to separate what stays from what goes to avoid any mistakes and while we are there if you want items moved around the home we would be happy to assist you. We promise to handle everything as if we were doing it for a member of our own family.

  Commercial Cleanouts in Fulshear

When you own or manage a business it’s important to hire the right company to remove unneeded items, furniture, etc. You need someone who has reasonable prices, shows up on time, does the job quickly, and looks and acts professionally. We strive to be all that and much more. Don’t worry about the job size, small or large we have you covered.

Give us a call and we will be happy to come to your location to give you a free estimate.

Commercial Cleanouts in Fulshear, Texas

   Property Cleanouts in Fulshear

If you are property manager, real estate professional, have investment properties, etc., we realize over time you may not be dealing with just one property cleanout today, but possibly many over the years. Possibly more important than anything else having things done quickly and on time. Afterall, having a property sit vacant costs you money and of course no one can start the work on cleaning, prepping or repairs until after the junk is removed from the property. Whether the junk is inside the property, outside the property or it’s fallen trees and branches we can get in and get out quickly to help you get the property back on the market. We’ve got your back on this one and please know that we may offer discounts for those of you who will have multiple property cleanouts in the future.

   Garage Cleanouts in Fulshear

For most homeowners cleaning out a garage can be a real hassle because it involves moving lots of heavy stuff back and forth as you try to sort the “keep items” from the “get rid of items”.  Having to do this in a confined area with the doors open which can make it very hot or cold makes the whole process even more miserable. Hiring someone to do it sounds good but what if they are sloppy, lazy, don’t listen, etc.  Yikes…!  That scares us too.  Please know that we will be happy to move all those heavy boxes for you, work with you to sort them and even move them to their final destinations for you.  We will do all this quickly, professionally, politely and who knows we might even put a smile on your face.  All this and our prices are among the lowest in town.

  Apartment Cleanouts in Fulshear

As a landlord nothing feels worse than when a tenant moves out and leaves the apartment a mess. Perhaps you already have another tenant waiting to move in. Or you need the junk removed so the cleaners can come in and finish the prep to get the apartment back on the market. You can’t afford to waste time with companies that are slow to get to the job, don’t show up on time or act in a way that embarrasses your company in front of other tenants. And of course you won’t want to waste time with companies that want to over charge. Please know that we will get there fast (Often same day), do the job quick and professionally and our prices are among the lowest in the area. We know in the future you could refer us a lot of business so our goal will be to make this the best experience you could ever have with a cleanout company.

Apartment Cleanouts in Fulshear, Texas

   Storage Unit Cleanouts in Fulshear

Most of us make the mistake of packing away too much stuff and then later we realize that sorting all that stuff out can be a real hassle and take a lot of time. We realize that you may not want everything thrown away but rather have it sorted into “get rid of” and also “keep and move somewhere else”. We can help you with both. We can do all the heavy lifting for you to sort it out, haul off what you don’t want and deliver the items you do want to keep to whatever location you prefer and actually place them in their final destination

   Foreclosure Cleanouts in Fulshear

No business wants to be in the position of having to foreclose on a property. It’s just not a pleasant experience for anyone. As a business owner or manager, you sometimes have to deal with a big mess that you need moved out almost immediately so the property can be put back on the market.  Finding the right company to handle foreclosure and eviction cleanouts can be a challenge.  Sometimes you could hire a company that makes big promises on their website only to show up late, drive a vehicle that looks like it could fall apart in the driveway, does only half the job, damages the property and wants to be paid double. Take a look at our reviews.  People say we are fast, on time, polite, friendly, well dressed and have very reasonable prices. Don’t take our word for it. Read what people say about us in our reviews on Google.

   Hoarding Cleanouts in Fulshear

There may be no worse situation involving home and property ownership than finding yourself needing help with a home that has been subject to hoarding. It can range from someone who simply has way too much stuff, to something you might previously have only seen in a scary movie on TV. Hiring the right people to handle this is very important. Having a company walk off the job halfway through, stealing the good stuff (Oops we thought you wanted us to throw that away), dragging out the job forever. None of those experiences improve the quality of your life. Some little companies imagine they can handle a hoarder home and then halfway through realize they bit off more than they can handle.  We have handled many homes with even the worst of hoarding situations and in each case the people who hired us have come back and thanked us for handling it so quickly, professionally and for our reasonable prices.  Look at our reviews to see what people say about our hoarding cleanout services.

Hoarding Cleanouts in Fulshear, Texas

   Office Cleanouts in Fulshear

If you need a big office, small office or even a big building full of offices cleaned out you came to the right place. We have the equipment, vehicles and manpower to handle any size job. We realize with an office environment you need us to look and act professionally and we do. We can get to your job as fast as you need us and we can get it done quickly so you can get back to business. There is no need to shop around as our prices are among the lowest in the area.

   Restaurant Cleanouts in Fulshear

Need a restaurant cleaned out? No problem. We can remove anything and everything you need and dispose of it in the proper (legal) manner. We can work fast. We can also do our work at night so it does not interfere with your busy restaurant. We can handle everything from carpet to ovens and even ceiling tiles.

   Hotel Cleanouts in Fulshear

If you own or manage a hotel you know hiring the right company to handle cleanouts is very important.  You want a company that can show up when foot traffic is low, and who can do the cleanout quietly so they don’t disturb your guests. Who dresses in nice clean clothes with a company shirt. Who arrives in clean, professional vehicles. We can do the job (any size job) quickly, quietly, professionally and at a reasonable rate. We are licensed, bonded, insured and will be happy to fill out all the paperwork to become a vendor if you are part of a hotel network. It’s as easy as dialing our number and yes, we take calls in the evening and on the weekend. Oh, and we are also happy to work nights and weekends to avoid disturbing your guests.

   Attic Cleanouts in Fulshear

Got too much stuff in your attic? Getting it up there was hard. But for some reason it always feels harder getting it down. Or worse yet having to move it around and sort it in an attic that is either much too hot or too cold. Not to worry, that’s why you have us.  We can help you sort, re-arrange, move and remove the unwanted items. Just give us a call.

Attic Cleanouts in Fulshear, Texas

   Basement Cleanouts in Fulshear

You may be asking yourself how and why did we get this much stuff down here in the basement. It seemed so easy when we were taking it downhill on the stairs and then just piling it wherever. But now the thought of carrying it up the stairs (why does it feel ten times heavier than bringing it down the stairs) just isn’t that appealing (Yuck!). Don’t sweat it. We can show up as early as today, be there on time, help you sort through what stays and what goes, remove the stuff you want to get rid of and move the remaining items to their final destination. All with the lowest rates in the area. Why spend hours or days sweating when hiring us is as simple as clicking a button on our website. (Smile)

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