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Here at Freedom Junk Hauling & Demolition we understand that like ours, your time is precious, and nobody can afford to have any wasted. That’s why we strive to be as upfront, open, and honest as possible at all times. If we can’t do it, we say so. If we can save you a buck, we will. If we send one of our Team Members to your home, we would be willing to let them into ours. We are simply folks who still believe that your role in life is to treat all people with the highest level of kindness and hospitality as possible without exception.

Meet the Owner

Julius Lyons is not just an entrepreneur; he’s a community builder with a rich background as the former Vice President of Operations at a leading firm. Driven by a desire to balance family life with meaningful work, Julius founded Freedom Junk Hauling and Demolition in Richmond, Texas, transforming his vision into a thriving local enterprise.

A devoted husband and loving father, Julius cherishes the time spent with his family. His dedication to creating a supportive and balanced home life mirrors his commitment to his business. This personal investment in family and community fuels his desire to build not just physical structures but also nurturing environments that foster growth and opportunity.

Years of extensive travel in his previous role inspired Julius to create a business that values time with loved ones. His deep passion for constructive endeavors—ranging from building physical structures to nurturing professional growth—fuels his commitment to not just removing junk but enhancing lives.

Under Julius’s leadership, Freedom Junk Hauling and Demolition is more than a service; it’s a cornerstone of community development. His proudest moments come from witnessing team members evolve, embracing new challenges and achieving greater heights.

Beyond business, Julius’s roots in the community run deep. As a committed member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Directions and Assistance Committee, he plays a crucial role in ensuring a welcoming and safe environment. The committee not only guides visitors but also carries the vital responsibility of reuniting lost children with their parents. Julius’s involvement is a testament to his commitment to the community, making him a trusted and familiar face at one of Houston’s most celebrated events.

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We aren’t a company that provides a product that you can use in your day-to-day life. But if we were, you can bet that it would have a warranty that covers everything from soup to nuts. Our mission isn’t to get folks to call us, we measure ourselves on how many call us twice. Whether it’s a simple love seat and sofa removal or if we are gutting a house for a major renovation. No job is too big or small.

Before we call a job done our technicians will perform a thorough walkthrough with our clients to ensure that all expectations were met and we are leaving you with a high level experience. With that being said, mistakes do happen. In the event something is missed or a detail was found that wasn’t up to par, we will do anything within our means to make it right. Let us show you how we separate ourselves from other junk removal service companies.


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We have 320+ 5 Star reviews on Google. See what your neighbors are saying about us.

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  • 320+ 5 Star Reviews On Google

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